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Apple tvOS 17.1: even more multimedial

Apple tvOS 17.1: even more multimedial

The imminent Apple tvOS 17.1 offers even more multimedia capabilities, in the form of better support for soundbars, among other things.

The affordable Apple TV (also available in 4k version ) was already a comprehensive central hub in the AV setup of many. However, integration with various hardware is further enhanced with the arrival of Apple tvOS 17.1. For example, there is the new feature “On-Screen Volume Display”. This shows the volume level on screen of external devices. Think stuff like soundbars and so on from brands like Samsung, Sonos and LG. Older HomePods will also be supported after the update. And the Enhanced Dialogue option will work fine on those as well. In other words, you can now use your old HomePod(s) as TV speakers, for example.

Nintendo 64 Switch controller

For gamers casual or otherwise, it’s nice to know that the Nintendo 64 Switch controller will be supported after the update to Apple TV 17.1. So you can play games from the App Store or from Apple Arcade with it, just a bit more pleasant than a (wireless) keyboard for example. The Apple TV is thus increasingly becoming a streamer, smart TV, game console and even living room computer all in one, capable of handling just about everything home IT related.

Apple tvOS 17.1 is expected to be released this week. Possibly it will be next week though, as Apple has released one more trial version for at least iOS 17.1. And usually all updates for all Apple operating systems are rolled out at once. We’ll see, just check your updates now and then.