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Tivoli SongBook (MAX): back to the boombox

Tivoli SongBook (MAX): back to the boombox

Tivoli attempts to breathe new life into the boombox of yesteryear with the SongBook, available in “regular” and MAX versions.

You may have experienced them: the boomboxes of the (late) 1970s and 1980s from the last century. Big-ass radio cassette recorders with sturdy speakers. Especially the bling-factor was appreciated. They were necessary accessories for breakdancers during street performances, for example. But you were also a welcome sight (in some circles, anyway) if you went through town with such a device on your shoulder. After the boombox years it was mainly miniaturization that set the trend. If it is up to the Tivoli Songbook (MAX), however, the old times are coming back.

Retro in a modern jacket

The Tivoli SongBook Max is the modern reincarnation of the boombox. But much sleeker in design, without an excess of blinking lights and pointlessly fidgeting meters. Plus – undoubtedly – better sound quality. Built in are a DAB as well as an FM tuner. Bluetooth 5.3 is not missing either, so you can easily pair your smartphone as a wireless music source. Furthermore, a 6.35 mm line input has been implemented, to which you can connect, for example, a record player or even a guitar or keyboard.

The built-in battery is good for about 10 hours of playing time when charged. As drivers, Tivoli has chosen a 10 cm subwoofer, 10 cm midrange driver and 2 cm tweeter. The Songbook without the addition MAX is a simpler, radio-less version, also with fewer drivers but carrying a lower price tag.

The Tivoli SongBook MAX costs €699, the SongBook €499. Then there is the also new Tivoli Model 2. Looks like a classic radio, but is a 20 watt Bluetooth and wifi speaker that can handle AirPlay 2 and Chromecast. Price tag attached: €449.