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Shokz OpenSwim Pro with mp3 player

Shokz OpenSwim Pro with mp3 player

Nowadays, you can also listen to a tune of music while swimming, for example, with the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro.

The sport of swimming has (of course) moved with the times too. The days when athletes listened to a shrill-sounding radio through a PA system while training are long gone. With the new Shokz OpenSwim Pro bone-conducting headphones, you can also listen to a tune while swimming. All without missing any of your surroundings – think a frantically screaming trainer. Nice detail is that the headphones have 32 GB of built-in flash memory. Enough for 8000 tracks in MP3 format (somewhat depending on the bit rate, of course).

IP68 rating and Bluetooth

Although the Shokz OpenSwim Pro has an IP68 rating and is therefore perfectly at home under the surface of the water, you can of course use it for many other sports as well. Running, cycling, hiking and all of that in the pouring rain if need be. If you wish, you can also listen to music via other wireless sources thanks to the presence of Bluetooth 5.3.

An exact release date and price are not known at the time of writing, keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website we would say.