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Multitest external 12-volt power supplies


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IFI LN1230

The IFI iPower comes in several flavours. We’re testing the 12-volt version. Innumerable plug-sizes come in the box so that everyone can find a suitable size. Neat. The adapter is of a switching type (which can also be seen in the measurements). However, Ifi has done his homework and the noise must be under control.

All in all, for 59 euros you get a neat adapter with lots of tips and a neat finish. Let’s measure this ‘audio adapter’.

Measurements ifi iPower

We can be pretty short: the ifi performs nicely for the money. The noise is considerably lower than with the standard wall adapter. We’ll see what peaks occur unencumbered. Apparently the regulator only works properly when there is a load. We also clearly see peaks on a multiple of 50 Hz. Both. taxed and untaxed.

The Ifi LN-1230 reacts neatly to the square wave. He’s following nicely. Maybe not the fastest of the bunch, but good for the money. All in all, it’s a good buy. No criticism here.

Voltage loaded Voltage unloaded Noise max Noise min
12.05 12.18 -82 (50 Hz) -148


Of course we’re gonna listen. And honestly: the ifi sounds better than the standard power supply in the Mytek. That surprises us a little. However, we do not recommend the combination. It’s a small step. And if you just keep saving for a more powerful model, you’ll get another huge leap in sound quality.

All in all?

Great product. Technically as well as soundwise in order.

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