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Multitest external 12-volt power supplies


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Keces P3 en P8

Keces is a new brand for us. We didn’t know it yet. The cabinets look very neat: without a doubt the most beautiful finish in this test. The Keces P3 offers two connections. The Keces P8 offers two normal outputs and a USB output. In short: three in total. In addition, P8 offers a display on which the consumption and voltage can be seen.

Keces supplies with its linear power supplies two cables with an adapter set. Again, no problems finding a size for your diet. Also nice about the Keces is that the output voltage is switchable. On the back of the P3 we can choose for 12, 15 and 16 volts with a small switch. The Keces P8 can handle up to 19 volts.

Measurements Keces P3

We’re seeing some crazy things at the AudioPrecision. Unloaded, the Keces P3 – and P8 – swing quite a bit. (Much less than the standard wall plug, but more than the competitors). These oscillations are gone when the power supply is loaded. And then the P3 is also very quiet. In high-frequency the P3 is less quiet than the Sbooster and certainly less so than the Farad. But still the values are neat.

In the second test with the square wave, the response is clean. No crazy deformations, fraying or other sloppiness. It is noticeable that the block is a bit rounder than its competitors. Whether that’s audible is another question… It is measurable and reproducible.

Voltage loaded Voltage unloaded Noise max Noise min
11.75 12.01 -55 (370 Hz) -150

Measurements Keces P8

Soundwise we hear (almost) no difference with the P3, but in the measurements the P8 is a bit less silent than its smaller brother… In high-frequency we see more spikes. Perhaps through the display? In the low frequency we see the same crazy behavior without load. Only on a slightly different frequency (exactly between the two peaks of P3…). That’s also gone with the P8 if we put a strain on the power supply. The response to the square wave is the same. We consider the P8 to be a substantial investment given the performance on the measuring bench and in our listening test.

Voltage loaded Voltage unloaded Noise max Noise min
11.7 12.12 -58 (570 Hz) -151


Is the Keces an upgrade? Sure! The differences are obvious. Much more refinement, openness and tranquillity compared to the standard power supply in the Mytek. But quite honestly: we find the mid-frequencies just a little too prominent. It’s weird: the whole thing just seems to ‘press’ a bit more in the middle area. We don’t have that feeling with the Sbooster and Farad power supply.

It’s got a pretty top-end, though. And the low-end idem. Also, the level of detail is fine… No complaints there. If you have a set that can use a little more energy in the middle then this is a good choice. If the whole thing is already in balance and you are just looking for an overall improvement, then a Sbooster or Farad is a better choice, we estimate.

All in all?

Keces makes beautiful products. The two – or three – connections are convenient. And the cabinet is nice. However, we find the noise measurement unloaded somewhat remarkable. Also, the middle area may be slightly less prominent… The P3 and P8 are identical in our test. We therefore consider the additional price of the P8 to be a bit hefty.

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