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Sbooster BOTW Gen2


Sbooster is well known in the world of food. The new linear BOTW gen-2 should be a bit better than the previous versions. We have the 12-volt version with a built-in ‘ultra’. Another Ultra can do that (that box… so there is a voltage regulator-chip with filter in it…). We tested with and without an extra box.

NB: However, we didn’t know during the test that the power supply has to be on 13-volt if you connect an extra Ultra… then the rising noise disappears after 30 kHz.

Sbooster also supplies its linear power supplies with all kinds of adapter tips. So everyone must be able to find the right size. The extra Ultra is optional.

Measurements Sbooster BOTW

The Sbooster performs nicely. Remarkably stable compared to some competitors. We only see a bit of the 50 Hz harmonics in the 50 – 700 Hz range. Then it’s gone. A bit weird: with the Ultra connected, the harmonic… We can’t explain that. A phase shift?

A block wave is no problem for the Sbooster. We’re seeing a neat response to our injected signal. Clean flanks. No wrinkle. Without a doubt a neat performance that shows that the power supply is nice and stable and fast.

Voltage loaded Voltage unloaded Noise max Noise min
11.7 11.74 -83 (100 Hz) -148


Man: What an upgrade this is! Unbelievable what this power supply does to the Mytek Liberty. The dac just plays two to three levels higher. And that’s not an exaggeration. At Portishead, The Rip, we hear considerably more layers, detail and ambiance. In addition, the staging is larger and more spacious. Especially in the beginning it is more pleasant to listen: the silence can be heard and felt with the Sbooster. And when it gets busier, the high-hats don’t clog up. Something that is very annoying listening with the standard power supply of the Mytek. We weren’t expecting such a big difference… certainly make the investment if you haven’t already done so.

All in all?

We’ve been following Sbooster for years. And we use the power supplies intensively because we think they sound good… the measurements prove it. And the listening test idem. In short: great buy for 329 euros.

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