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Multitest external 12-volt power supplies


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Model Number of connections Price
Standard adapater 1
IFI iPower 1 59 euros
Sbooster 1 329 euro
Keces P3 2 (12 – 16 volts) 399 euro
Keces P8 3 (2 + usb, 12-19 volts) 699 euros
Farad Super3 1 499 euros (approximately)



What an interesting test! We were able to put five top products side by side. Both affordable and pricy stuff. We were also able to see on a measuring bench what they are technically capable of. Does the best measuring power supply sound the best? Well... in this case it does. But our measurements are still only part of the story. So keep that in mind.

The new Farad, however, shows all its potential on the measuring bench. And in practice, it shows that it's a top-notch power supply. We think the price of about 500 euros is justified. Sbooster also shows his muscle here. With 329 euros a very neatly priced product that lifts the Mytek to a much higher level. Ifi doesn't really compete at this level. But the question is whether this smaller power supply is suitable for a dac... we do not recommend it. However: smaller products are fine. And yes: that will certainly sound better. And Keces...? Fine stuff: but not our taste. And from a measurement point of view they do crazy things... We think they still have some homework to do.

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