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Multitest external 12-volt power supplies


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Farad Super3

Farad is a new brand coming out of Pink Faun’s stable. We have a first version with a housing that can still change. Technically, however, it will remain the same. That makes it possible for us to take it in the test.

The Farad has one output with in this case a voltage of 12 volts. You can choose between standard cables or a chic cable with a nice slipper and a kind of carbon plug. (surcharge 60 euros).

The design of the Farad is different. That’s mainly in the super-caps (hence the name Super3) that Farad applies. That also makes it necessary to charge this power supply before we can switch it on and start using it. Count on about 30 seconds before energy is transmitted. The same goes the other way around: draining the Farad will take some time… It’s really some kind of super-battery.

Measurements Farad Super3

Oh, boy… what a good measure the Farad Super3 is! There’s actually no noise at all. So this is gonna be a very boring story. We see nothing at all on the AudioPrecision: a stable noise level of around -140 dBV to about 1 kHz. From 1 kHz we see load that it rises slightly towards the 50 kHz. But yes: still around -130 to -125 dBV, so what are we talking about?

The square wave is also coming through nicely even if it seems slightly damped. Perhaps the result of a coil or the supercaps…

Voltage loaded Voltage unloaded Noise max Noise min
11.8 12.14 -122 (55 KHz) – 145


Silence, peace, calm… The Farad is a special product. It lifts the Mytek another level above that of the Sbooster. We hear more blackness, more music. Purely because of the silence it can bring.

Beth Gibbons’ voice is completely detached (meant positively) and has been given a beautiful natural timbre. No hashness. Also the edges around the high-hats have completely disappeared. The dac is also no longer compresses with more complex work. Very special to hear it like this. Absolutely a top product.

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