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Multitest phono pre-amps – Part 1 – Gold Note – Graham Slee – AVID – MOON


Gold Note PH5

From Actual Hifi, we received the Italian Gold Note PH5. This is the first one we pair with the STD. This – relatively – large pre-amp has the power supply built in and offers control via a touchscreen. Very modern! Via the touchscreen, various RIAA curves are selectable. Also, this pre-amp is switchable between MM and MC.

The Gold Note PH5 matches well with the STD and has a slightly warm sound. Dynamics are remarkably good. Both at the micro and macro levels.

Martijn indicates that the Gold Note has a high “fun factor.” Yung agrees. Both also endorse after hearing the other candidates that the dynamics are very good from the Gold Note. We also keep concluding – after hearing the rest of the test field – that the Gold Note has a slightly warm signature.

The Gold Note is a fine pre-amp for those looking for a ‘relaxed sound’ with a good dynamic character and a touch of warmth.

Measurements Gold Note PH5

The Gold Note offers a rumble filter as standard. This can be seen in the response measurement. The phase behavior is very different in the low end from 200 Hz due to this filter. Perhaps that is audible.

Power supply noise does not play a role with the Gold Note PH5. The power supply is quiet as a mouse. What we see in the low spectrum is in the LISN itself or picked up by the cables. You will see the spectrum is the same with other candidates.

The noise floor of the pre-amp itself is quite low. We see everything around -100 / -110 dB. Great. It is one of the quietest pre-amps in this round.

Specifications Gold Note PH5

Type Gold Note PH5
MM/MC Both
Curves Yes, several
Adjustable Impedance / Capacitance Yes
Power Supply Internal
Price 890 Euro

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6035 AD Ospel, NL

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