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Multitest phono pre-amps – Part 1 – Gold Note – Graham Slee – AVID – MOON



From importer More Music we get the MOON 110LP. A very affordable phono pre-amp with an external power supply. This pre-amp is suitable for MM and MC and is completely adjustable.

Now MOON is a brand that has a wide product range. From very affordable to very exotic. Fellow Yung Lie and your author tested three MOON phono pre-amps a while back. There the improvement in quality was well audible as you go up in the range. However: even the 110LP was already a very nice pre-amp!

And it shows that now too: fast, open, airy, but…. compared to the AVID, we miss “Chest” and some ‘meat on the bones’. Also: we hear some pinching in more complex pieces of music. The other three candidates had no trouble with that.

The funny thing is: when we awttach the power supply of the Graham Slee to it, this is actually all gone. In short: the power supply is the weak link in this MOON. And that’s not surprising, since it’s a fairly simple adapter. Do you have a MOON 110LP? It really pays to replace the power supply!

Overall, we hear a pleasant reproduction. Martijn describes it as: an inviting reproduction with a slightly soft treble range and a very small hint of warmth.

Measurements MOON 110LP

MOON 110LP Specifications

Type MOON 110LP
MM/MC Both
Curves No
Adjustable Impedance / Capacitance Yes
Power Supply External
Price 650 Euro

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