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Multitest phono pre-amps – Part 1 – Gold Note – Graham Slee – AVID – MOON


Graham Slee Reflex M PSU


Graham Slee is a quirky, British designer of phono pre-amps. The design is incredibly minimalist, which of course has its advantages. We received the Reflex M from Simply Audio. We also included the linear power supply, as this was well within the price range.

The sound of the Graham is remarkably neutral. The center comes out more in comparison to the Gold Note and AVID. This also makes for good intelligibility

In terms of speed, however, the AVID definately quicker. It also seems that this pre-amp needed a little more burn in time to show all it can do. Despite the fact that it had been on power for at least four days. Martijn has the Reflex C himself and informs us that it shows a bit more quietness and speed.

Microdetailing is good on the Reflex M. Also, the rhythm is good from this quirky preamp. This will certainly also be due to the good power supply. After all: even – or especially – with vinyl, power supply is particularly important!

Measurements Graham Slee Reflex

The Graham Slee Reflex also measures just fine. But the noise is a touch higher than the rest up to about 1000 Hz. After that, however, it drops to very tidy values. The power supply is very quiet. We measure absolutely no common mode or other types of noise going back to the mains.

In the response measurement we see no rumble filter and a response that is fairly equivalent to the rest. The lower frequencies go down just a little later than in the Gold Note, MOON and Avid which are all fairly equal. Phase is also slightly different in that area than with the MOON and AVID which end there at 0.

Specifications Graham Slee Reflex M

Type Graham Slee Reflex M
Curves No
Adjustable impedance / capacitance No
Power Supply External
Price 828 Euro

Winkels met Gold Note

Hennesweg 20
6035 AD Ospel, NL

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Joseph Bensstraat 21
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3083 EP Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, NL
Bredabaan 1031
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Pelikaanstraat 126
2018 Antwerpen, BE
Korte Jansstraat 11
3512GM Utrecht, NL
Korevaarstraat 2 e-f
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