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Review Audiolab 6000N Play streamer



  • Fine dac
  • Grows with the set
  • Price


  • No gapless playback (DTS Play-Fi)
  • No usb output

Price: € 499

Build quality
Audiolab 6000N


Never before has there been so much affordable hi-fi available as now, in the year 2019, and that is a blessing for the industry and an opportunity to attract new (read young) customers. Solid amplifiers, loudspeakers and headphones under 1000 euro are available at dozens of brands and making a choice between all those fine products does not get any easier. That’s why Alpha-Audio is here to steer you a little in the right direction

Over the past year we have tested several affordable integrated amplifiers for you and they all came out very well. Recently we had the excellent Audiolab 6000A to visit and it quickly felt at home in our set. We gave him the maximum score and labeled him Alpha Approved. Do you have a nice monitor and do not play pruning hard then this amplifier with excellent dac a bargain

Besides amplifiers, we have as many affordable speakers tested each had their own ‘taste’. How nice it would be to hear a really affordable set on X-FI. No, not a set of 10000 euros but one of up to half, all included. Or why not more of those sets. That’s definitely gonna appeal to young people. Head-fi already attracts young people, but it can/must be better. It may all be a bit more rock and roll because not everyone listens to a DXD recording of Bach in DSD512. Jazz or classical music is fine, but what matters to us is variety

There are also more and more affordable dacs and streamers on the market. Think of the Chord Qutest or the Bluesound Node 2i. Today’s protagonist is going into battle with the latter and that’s not an easy task. Today we are testing the Audiolab 6000N Play, a streamer with full size and a lot of quality under the hood. It is nice and also brave that Audiolab dare to interfere in this price range. Cause you know what they say, “Change of food makes you eat.”

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