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Review Elac Debut Reference DBR62 monitor loudspeaker



  • Improved sound
  • Better construction
  • Better appearance
  • Placement


  • Requires an amplifier with control
  • Pretty big

Price: € 498

Build quality
Elac Debute Reference BR62



When the original Elac Debut made its ‘debut’ in 2015, it caused quite a bit of ‘rumble’ in the world and it didn’t take long before they flew over the, mainly virtual, counter like hot cakes. It was the start of a success story for Andrew Jones and Elac and it also meant the start of an explosion of affordable monitor speakers with other brands. The primal version of the Debut already got an update a few years ago in the form of the Debut 2.0 which was essentially a completely different speaker than its predecessor. In the year 2020, Elac thought it was high time to bring a better finished Debut 2.0 to the market. And so it happened. Meet the Elac Debut Reference DBR62!

The Elac Debut Reference DBR62 is a relatively large (36x21x27.5cm) two-way monitor consisting of an Aramid Fibre mid-driver developed by Elac and a silk soft dome tweeter. It is available in two different versions: Walnut with a black front panel and oak motif with a white front. Of course this is not real veneer but the vinyl is tastefully done.


The Reference series uses the same tweeter as its predecessor but the waveguide has been changed and there is also a different grille. Both elements should ensure a better radiating behavior. The mid-driver has also stayed the same but is now mounted in a new aluminium chassis to ensure better interaction with the heavy magnet. This way resonances have to be kept to a minimum. In addition, the crossover has been completely re-examined to obtain an even flatter frequency range. And if the previous Debut was already a lot more neutral then this has been further refined in the Reference series. Last but not least is the two-sided curved elongated bass reflex port, at the front this time, which should provide more dynamics in the bass reproduction.

Other changes can be seen on the speaker itself. The primal version of the Debut was – to put it nicely – rather spartan. Dark vinyl and iron bolts gave it a very rudimentary appearance. The 2.0 version, still available, looks good but rather ordinary. The Reference version looks very nice.

The case is reinforced everywhere to reduce resonances, the weak spot of the previous models. The cabinet is made of MDF, nothing new, but is exceptionally well put together. In order not to disturb that clean, modern look, the front is now magnetically attached. Some nice cosmetic updates so this speaker now fits nicely in the living space.

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