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Review JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé



  • Natural sound
  • Construction
  • Placement
  • Control


  • Not for detail freaks

Price: € 1950

Build quality
JM Reynaud Bliss Jubilé

Set-up and installation


The JMR Bliss Jubilees replace our ATC SCM19 V2 in the set below:

  • Ps Audio Stellar gain cell preamp
  • Benchmark AHB2 power amplifier
  • Metrum Acoustics Onyx d/a converter
  • Nad M50 streamer/CD transport
  • Wiring: Grimm, Audioquest, Qed

We will put the JMR Bliss Jubilé on white Norstone Stylum 2 stands (height 60cm) which are two-thirds filled with sand. Slightly turning it in is sufficient to obtain a stable and spacious stereo image. The speakers are about 3 meters apart in a space of 4 by 10 meters. The surface is parquet with carpet and our listening chair is 3 meters away so the tweeter radiates along our ears. We don’t have to do anything weird to make them play well.

Ease of use

So the Bliss Jubilé is easy to place and that’s a plus in our book. Close to a rear wall or relatively close to a side wall is no problem at all. You don’t have to turn them in to the mm or measure them perfectly to get a good sound. In most situations, they perform without a murmur. That’s really a big advantage because what are you with a set of speakers that you never really get right. Besides, you don’t have to connect an amplifier to it. With a solid integrated amplifier you’ll go a long way.

Le son JMR

This speaker sounds very natural and not artificial. You are not dissecting the components or focusing on any part of the playback. The music flows out of the speakers like a babbling brook and meanders its way through the room. We have to get rid of the sometimes turned on high of other loudspeakers and because of this we miss some sparkle at first. But once ears and brains get used to the Bliss Jubilé, we hear the main strengths of this monitor.

The sound is grand, generous, glowing and with sufficient impact. Almost like a floor stand but just a bit more refined and faster. These speakers sound very well-mannered and don’t bite. There is not a hint of sharpness and lesser shots are best made. Think of them as a friend you can always count on, who never lets you down. These speakers make the best of your music with a full, warm sound and easily fill a large space.

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