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Review Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 – Room Service



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  • RoomPerfect
  • Roon Ready
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  • Limited power

Price: € 2099

Build quality
Lyngdorf TDAI 1120


In early October we could all go to the Koningshof in Veldhoven again to visit the renewed XFI fair, now Dutch Audio Event. As always it was great to get lost in the maze that the Koningshof really is. The supplied map doesn’t help much, if at all, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun. Sometimes it brings you to unexpected places and unexpected encounters are often not the most beautiful? Anyway, there are also rooms that are easy to find such as those of the Belgian ‘Hifi Corner Trading’. For years they have had a large room at a strategic location and that pays off because there is always a lot of people. They also have fine brands in their portfolio. Think Sugden, Proac and Lyngdorf. Today’s review is about the latter. More specifically about the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120. A particularly intriguing device that we would like to tell you more about. Enjoy!

The basis for this review was laid at the DAE itself because there we had the chance to speak briefly with Peter Lyngdorf, ‘the man himself’. It is always a pleasure to talk to the aimable Dane because he is such a ‘down to earth’ person who speaks full of passion and enthusiasm about his products. A breath of fresh air in the sometimes ‘look at me’ high-end landscape.

Although there was not much time, he made me particularly curious about the TDAI-1120, his most affordable device to date. This device is full of patented technology and so we requested a demo shortly after the show. A fun anecdote is that the music in that large room was playing through two tiny speakers and Peter Lyngdorf took visible pleasure in increasing the volume further and further.

Construction and appearance

When we unpack the device we are surprised by its light weight. We take a look at the specs and see that the Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 weighs only 3.3 kg. A lightweight so to speak. Yet there is much more in this stylish box than you might expect.

The TDAI-1120 is a compact device with a volume knob on the right and next to it another smaller source/mute knob. Half of the front is an LCD screen that looks like a black mirror. On this screen, icons appear that support navigation. It’s not a color screen like the competition because Lyngdorf takes a slightly different approach.

When you activate the device, a circle of icons appears clockwise. At the back we see USB, LAN, HDMI with in addition 4 digital inputs (2x coax, 2x optical), a microphone jack, a pre-out and two analog inputs (1x rca, 1x phono). In our opinion a nice combination of inputs and outputs. Finally, a pair of speaker connections which makes the TDAI-1120 a Roon Ready streamer with dac and amplifier (2×60 watts class D).

That class D application via PWM (Pulse With Modulation), which is also used by Technics, is a proprietary implementation of Peter Lyngdorf and until now you found only on the more expensive devices. The trump card of this device, however, is the RoomPerfect™ room correction system. An application that addresses and improves a lot of the drawbacks of your room, in Peter Lyngdorf’s words, like an equalizer.


Your humble servant is not a techie, so he was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was. Everything is provided (microphone, stand, cables) and online there is a simple but clear video should you need it for support. The app works smoothly and RoomPerfect™ made a clear audible difference in our untreated room. Whatever your attitude towards these types of applications, they can have a positive effect on the reproduction in a lot of circumstances.

Amplifier type
Amplifier technology
Class D
Amplifier inputs
  • Analog RCA
  • Analog Phono MM
  • Digital Coaxial
  • Digital Optical
Amplifier outputs
  • Analog RCA
Specification #1
  • Resistance: 8 ohm
  • Value specified: 60 watt
  • Value measured: 0 watt
Specification #2
  • Resistance: 4 ohm
  • Value specified: 120 watt
  • Value measured: 0 watt
Weight amplifier
3 Kg
Build in dac

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Schoenmakersstraat 19
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Grotestraat 23
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St.-Katelijnevest 53
2000 Antwerpen, BE