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Synology BeeStation, easy home solution

Synology BeeStation, easy home solution

The new Synology BeeStation is a device that should greatly simplify storage and management of data at home and in the cloud.

Synology announces BeeStation. And that, in the manufacturer’s words, is “a new addition to the Synology product line to make personal cloud storage accessible to everyone. The product is aimed primarily at users looking for simplicity and ease of use. BeeStation makes backing up, managing and sharing files easy with no subscription fees and maximum control over private data. BeeStation is expected to be available in the Benelux region in March‘.

Lewis Sheng, Product Manager at Synology, explains the role BeeStation plays in Synology’s ecosystem, “For nearly two decades, Synology has been the leader in NAS solutions that offer advanced features for tech enthusiasts and professionals. With BeeStation, we are targeting a different audience. BeeStation packs all the essential file management and backup features into an accessible and simplified hardware and software experience.

Up and running in minutes

The idea is simple. Once you have a BeeStation in your home, you start up your personal cloud right out of the box with the built-in 4 TB hard drive. On it you can store work documents, personal files, photos and videos and so on. By simply scanning a QR code and connecting the necessary cables, users can be up and running with their personal cloud service within minutes. Synology said, “The accompanying web, desktop and mobile applications provide a seamless experience in managing and accessing files wherever users are – similar to popular cloud services.

Family sharing

According to the manufacturer, the BeeStation ‘is an answer to the need for storage solutions for individuals and families. Therefore, BeeStation allows users to create a private storage space for each family member. This feature ensures that individual privacy is respected and maintained. Users do not need complex networking or IT skills for this‘. The latter aspect in particular is – we think – obviously interesting. Not everyone has the knowledge to set up and configure a ‘complete’ NAS.

AI and backup capabilities

With BeeStation, automatic backups of photos and videos on iOS and Android devices ensure that users’ most important memories remain protected. In addition, you can manage the entire photo library more easily, thanks to the AI-driven photo organizer. That makes finding and sharing specific images or albums simpler than ever. It uses hardware-accelerated recognition of people and objects. Advanced features of BeeStation include backing up files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and connected USB drives. This way, you always have a copy of your important data.

BeeStation is expected to be available in the Benelux region from March 2024 through the Synology website and through official partners and resellers.