Home Hi-Fi The golden triangle: Grimm MU2 – PMC Fenestria – Halcro Eclipse

The golden triangle: Grimm MU2 – PMC Fenestria – Halcro Eclipse

The golden triangle: Grimm MU2 – PMC Fenestria – Halcro Eclipse

Sometimes you experience a moment in which you féél everything is right. We had that experience on Monday, June 12. Importer Terrason Audio placed a Grimm MU2, a pair of PMC Fenestria and a two Halcro Eclipse in the Artone Studio. This to give a demo for dealers. Alpha Audio was there for report. Spoiler alert: it was delightful. 

Regular readers and viewers are undoubtedly familiar with the Artone Studio. We held many livestreams there during the Corona era. It is an amazingly beautiful studio that breathes music. And it’s not only the live room that’s special.

For example, in the recording room there are original, 100% analoge mixing tables and original cutting machines for recording directly to disc. The microphone collection – well hidden behind a thick door – is also downright impressive. Not to mention the knowledge of the studio engineers.

This combination of very impressive equipment and a lot of knowledge results in the fact that, for example, the 2-meter sessions are recorded there and that many great artists have already visited for exclusive recordings and pressings.

High End Demo

With ‘music’ in mind, it is therefore a very suitable place to give demos of fine hi-fi equipment. And that’s what Terrason Audio did.

Together with Dave Frost of PMC, Eelco Grimm of Grimm Audio and John van der Veer, Terrason orgainized a day around the new Grimm MU2 streamer / dac, the PMC Fenestria and Halcro Eclipse power amplifiers. Not a queasy trio!

Together with more than thirty dealers who work with this equipment on a daily basis, they discussed making music (John van der Veer), recording music (Artone Studio) and playing music (Eelco Grimm and Dave Frost). Thus the circle was naturally completed and dealers were able to hear from each perspective how the various elements hook together.

This combination led to some interesting insights, conversations and discussions. It was truly an interesting and moreover, enjoyable day.

One plus one is four!

Now the demo of the day revolved mainly around the special, new Grimm MU2 with the 1.5 bit dac. A system developed by Grimm itself. Eelco grimm explains the operation in the video. Among other things, he discusses the history of digital audio and the development of various dac architectures. Very interesting for those who are not yet familiar with that piece of audio history.

But of course, a Grimm MU2 can do nothing without amplifiers and speakers. And this is where the magic happened. The synergy between the Grimm MU2, PMCs and the Halcro’s is simply unprecedented. Add to this the very pleasant acoustics of the studio as well as the impressive tuning work of Terrason, and there is a system playing that can really play anything. Dynamics, but also refinement … loads of authority… This really does it all. From small, intimate solo work to very large-scale orchestral work.

And with so much ease that even the most seasoned audio veteran is humbled. We’ve heard a lot over the past few decades … with us, this is in the top of most correct, neutral and musical systems.

Full presentation Eelco Grimm

Full presentation John van der Veer