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Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023



The High End Munich 2023 is over. That always leaves me with a ‘double’ feeling. It is wonderful to be immersed in your passion, but to be honest: after five days on the road, it is also nice to be home again. Your author lists his highlights for you.

Of course, we have already posted an incredible amount of content around the High End. Would you like to read the daily reports? You can do so here:

In these reports, you can read what we saw in terms of products and trends each day. This article is more about the personal highlights…. What were the joyfull moments? What did your author learn this high-end?

Different approach

This High End Munich, we took a slightly different approach than in previous years. We made a conscious decision not to go through all the press conferences and not to shoot videos with some kind of summary of what we picked up inside in terms of information. The reason: it’s not that fascinating. Usually that information can also be gleaned from a leaflet. And well… that’s a waste of time in our opinion.

What we did try to do was to arrange interviews with interesting people. Preferably someone who really knows something about the products. Think of an engineer. Now, Engineers do not always want to be in front of the camera, but know that we did our best!

We would like to hear from you whether you like this ‘new’ approach. And whether you like the balance between news and background.