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IFA 2023 is almost there!

IFA 2023 is almost there!

It’s almost time for it: IFA 2023 is about to start. From September 1 to September 5, Berlin will be the place to be for lovers of electronic devices.

Well, the IFA is by now not nearly as groundbreaking as it was decades ago. But IFA 2023 – already the fair ‘s 99th edition – still has plenty to offer electronic device lovers. And especially in the fields of audio and video. Virtually all the “big names” (as well as the smaller ones) will be present at Messe Berlin, from September 1 to September 5. No doubt you will also find all kinds of firsts there, in the form of brand new devices and technologies. Admittedly, these will be published online within seconds of the announcement too (and sometimes even earlier…)

If you are purely interested in the latest news, visiting a trade fair nowadays does not make much sense. But at the same time, the “magic of the trade show floor” still exists. And only there can you see with your own eyes and, with a bit of luck, touch what’s in store. No website can compete with that.