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Majority D80: for almost a trifle

Majority D80: for almost a trifle

The new Majority D80 bookshelf speakers – from British soil – can be bought for ‘next to nothing’.

British Majority is known as a brand that produces very affordable hi-fi equipment of great value for money. The latest addition to the tribe is the Majority D80. These compactly designed active bookshelf speakers can be placed anywhere. For example, near the TV to boost its sound quality. Or simply in a student room with limited space. But certainly also on the desk, near the computer. Because who ever said that good sound should not come from there too?

HD audio

The Majority D80 produce a maximum output of 80 watts. In terms of inputs, you can choose from USB, RCA stereo line inputs, optical and HDMI ARC. Almost a given with this type of speakers is the option to stream sound wirelessly via Bluetooth from your mobile phone, for example. You get a remote control with it, while the manufacturer also promises that the speakers are HD audio capable.

Remains the price of the Majority D80, and as promised it is surprisingly low: for only 99.95 British Pounds you will take them home.


  1. They look a lot like Genelec G3 or G4s. Are these companies related? I wonder if they compare to the sound quality of Genelec, but I don’t see how they could for that price. Still, for a budget speaker I could see recommending them if I get a chance to hear them.