Home Hi-Fi PSB BP8 sub: away with resonances

PSB BP8 sub: away with resonances

PSB BP8 sub: away with resonances

According to the manufacturer, the PSB BP8 subwoofer promises to get rid of unwanted distortion and resonances, always nice.

Subwoofers can be quite overwhelming at times, caused in part by unwanted resonances and distortion, for example. The PSB P8 should suffer from none of that, according to the manufacturer. This is an active sub with built-in 500 Watt nCore amplifier and two 20 cm drivers. The housing is made of very rigid material, which should prevent the mentioned resonances. The entire construction and setup of the sub, as well as the individual drivers connected in bipolar configuration, should guarantee a pure bass. The “IsoAcoustic” feet should provide finesse in decoupling.

The PSB BP8 will be available from March this year, at a cost of €1499. Choose from the colors satin black or satin white.