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STAX SRM-D10 II portable headphone amplifier

STAX SRM-D10 II portable headphone amplifier

The STAX SRM-D10 II headphone amplifier for travel is ‘part’ of the celebrations regarding the manufacturer’s 85th anniversary.

To a great anniversary milestone – and 85 years fits this category – anniversary products belong. And so the celebrating company STAX has released the STAX SRM-D10 II portable headphone amplifier. In fact, this characterization is not entirely correct, as the device also functions as a DAC. It is based on the AKM4493 chip, an upgrade over the previous model. The maximum achievable PCM quality is 384 kHz / 32 bit. DSD is also supported, up to DSD256 to be exact.

Analog and digital inputs

On the STAX SRM-D10 II you will find both analog and digital inputs, in the form of USB and a 3.5 mm mini-jack line input. That analog input also makes the device suitable for stationary listening to other sources such as a tuner, CD player or media player, for example. The DAC/amplifier is encased in a sturdy aluminum case that seems perfect for daily use on the road.

The STAX SRM-D10 II has a price tag of $945.