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Austrian Audio Full Score one

Austrian Audio Full Score one

The Austrian Audio Full Score One is purely a headphone amplifier; you will look in vain for a DAC in it.

If you are specifically looking for a headphone amplifier without any further fuss on board, then sometimes that takes some searching. At least the new Austrian Audio Full Score one is such a device. It can drive both low- and high-impedance headphones, anything between 10 and 300 Ohms to be exact. The power amplifier stage is a wideband one set up with a completely symmetrical voltage feedback. And with broadband we mean really broadband, the amplifier has a bandwidth of 5 Hz to 2 MHz. Whether you hear everything we venture to doubt, but hey: it’s there.

In terms of inputs, the Full Score one has XLR and cinch inputs. You pay a total of €1499 for it.