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iFi Go Bar Kensei portable DAC

iFi Go Bar Kensei portable DAC

With the iFi Go Bar Kensei, the manufacturer further expands its number of (portable) DACs, but this one has to be an extra good one.

According to the manufacturer, the iFi Go Bar Kensei is the world’s first ultra portable DAC with K2HD technology on board. K2HD, according to iFi, is a protocol to enhance and boost sound quality to that of the original master recording. And that, in turn, explains the addition of ‘Kensei’. Because this was a title given to only the very best Japanese fighters in the past.

Everything needed for on the road

The maximum sampling frequency the iFi Go Bar Kensei can handle is 384 kHz; DSD up to DSD256 is possible too. Even MQA is still present. Then there is iEMatch, which should set output levels for headphones automatically. On the DAC, there are two headphone outputs available: 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm. Also provided is a USB-C connector for charging. The case is made of stainless steel, which then again is a nod to Japanese swordsmen. You can choose from four digital filter options, plus two analog extras in the form of XBass and (or) XSpace. And with that, the DAC does have just about everything on board that’s needed on the go.

The Go Bar Kensei has a price tag of €449.