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Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

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We had three wonderful days at the High End Munich. Three days full of interviews and conversations about our beautiful hobby. As your author says in the recap of day 3, he has hope. This is because the hi-fi world is full of brilliant minds. Think of the guys at Hypex, the engineers behind brands like MSB, dCS, Audio Physic, MOON or Audioquest, for example. (There are many more, so don’t feel ignored if you are not in the list…!).

It was wonderful to talk to these people. It shows that the bucket of ideas is still full ánd that there is still a lot to learn. As with computer technology and things like AI: we are at the beginning. Especially when it comes to streaming audio. And what your author also learned: not everything can be explained. We hear things that cannot be measured (yet)…. Oh well: we keep trying!

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