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Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Day 2


The second day had quite a few highlights. First, the interview with Garth Powell where your author was able to go wild about digital cables, protocols, standards and the problems that arise when a cable does not meet specifications. On-camera quite a bit is told, but ‘off-camera’ we continued for a while. Think about setting up a test method for measuring the influence of both digital and analog cabling. That was particularly interesting.

Colleague Martijn was beaming earlier that day when we ran into Manfred Diestertich of Audio Physic. Now engineers don’t often go in front of the camera, but that didn’t stop your author from just asking. And we happily got a “yes. It’s impressive how Manfred can explain a complex subject in simple words. We very much look forward to experiencing this wonderful unit in our listening room, in real life.

Furthermore, we had a nice chat with Aurender, Auralic and Neat Acoustics. And, of course, we visited some other rooms. Think Yeti who was on display at Esoteric. Or Pink Faun, where your author always has a hard time leaving, because we start nerding out about clocks and power supplies. Cool, of course!

Interview with Garth Powell

Interview Manfred Diestertich

Recap of day 2