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Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Day 1


We kick off pretty strong at Naim. Jason Gould got our microphone under his nose right after the press conference. Hats off to the performance, as neither of us had warmed up yet! However, Gould effortlessly tells us an coherent and interesting story. And yes, he knows how to answer our questions excellently.

Shortly after the Naim presentation, we step inside Grimm’s room, which has the brand new MU2 on display. Martijn is completely blown away by the demo. Your author not really yet, although the potential is obvious. Later on, fortunately, all is good. (on Saturday we step inside again).

We also talked to Primare, TAD, PMC and Moon that day. All wonderful brands with very nice gear. the conversation with MOON was very interesting, because after the interview about the North Collection we talked a bit about amplifier technology. In it we came to feedback loops, bandwidth, differences between Class D, A and AB and possible mapping of sound differences. These are the gems on such a day! Wonderful.

Interview Jason Gould

Interview Eelco Grimm

Recap of day 1