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Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Jaap’s Recap of the High End Munich 2023

Day 3


Day three was a day where some “business” talks were also scheduled. Fortunately, there was plenty of time left for some great conversations.

Consider the interviews with Mytek, Hypex and Plixir. All three incredibly interesting for those who want to know more about Class D amplification, power supplies or streamer/dacs and the design challenges.

What’s nice about these interviews is that the engineers themselves indicate that there are challenges they still have to overcome. Think about explaining the sound of capacitors. Or figuring out why there can be a difference in sound in a ‘bit-perfect’ usb or Ethernet stream. And what about the “noise floor” of power-cables? We hear differences, but where do they come from?

We also enjoyed chatting with Keith from Isotek, MSB (about the Director) and Daniel Weiss about his new 501 dac (review to follow) that day.

Interview Hypex

Interview Plixir

Interview Mytek

Recap of day 3